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About Why So Cirrus Vape, Inc. in Steger and Manteno, IL

We opened in 2014 at our flagship location in Steger, IL. The desire to open this business came from the fact that we were 20 year prisoners of the tobacco companies. We tried to quit smoking countless times using the gum, patch, and mints and they just didn’t work and were very expensive. Then the e-cigarette was invented. It was difficult at first due to leak issues and weak batteries, but as time moved on technology got better it became very simple to use. We finally found our solution and it worked!

Impacting lives. Two words that define our company and why we opened this business. The last thing we care about is becoming a corporate profit grind machine. This is and always has been about saving lives of those in our community and to send tobacco companies into a moral and financial sea of bankruptcy.

We’ve assembled a highly competent team that not only quit smoking using the electric cigarette technology, but are also enthusiasts of the product itself. We don’t believe in aggressive sales tactics due to the fact that money simply doesn’t drive our business. For the last 3 years, our reward has been making lives of those around us better.

As members of this community, we also believe in giving back to our community by following the law. This includes paying taxes that helps federal, state and local communities flourish. We are proud to be American Owned and our commitment to you is to always do what’s best for our community and customers.

We have the rewards program.
We have the massive collection of ejuices and mods.
We have the knowledge to help you set up your devices.
We have the compassion and the drive to help you begin or further a tobacco free lifestyle.

All we are missing is you. So let us help you help yourself.

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About Us

Why So Cirrus Vape, Inc. is your premier vape shop in Steger, IL. Our knowledgeable staff has the experience to help you find what you’re looking for, whether it’s a new flavor, vape kit, charger or other accessory. Shop that cators to the vapors. » Learn More

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